Brief Encounters with Painted Objects

Collaborative installation and discussion by Darren Nixon. Video works, presented within Nixon's installation of painted objects, document the inventiveness of participant's responses to the work.

at Standpoint at Chisenhale Studios

Interested in movement practices aligned with the non-dance of Jerome Bel and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Darren Nixon looks at how painting bumps up against people and interacts with the screen and with performance. By creating sets of painted objects whose explicit purpose is to address the camera, he looks at ways in which the mediated experience of the artwork can offer something different—but not less rich—than direct experience of the installation.

To celebrate the culmination of his Futures Residency Darren Nixon reveals excerpts of the video works that have emerged through the intensive collaborative process of these six weeks. Conceived as a space to experiment with movement, performance, and repetition, Darren created and brought with him a studio-full of painted objects. These formed part of his invitation for a direct encounter in the space. As people responded to his call (artists and dancers, yes, but also medical practitioners and TFL workers) the project transformed, becoming as much about what indivividual participants brought to the work as it was about Darren's planned framework.

“My initial plans were to develop sets of repeated movements for people to interpret, whilst I recorded and discussed what was going on with them. Early on I asked one guest to simply respond to the space and the stuff in it, whilst I edited the script I was developing. As I watched, I​ realised that what was happening—this unexpected and intriguing departure—should become the focus of my time in the space. It opened up the idea of collaborative painting in new and exciting ways.'”

The video works, presented on screens and projected alongside and inside the installation, will be the first, experimental presentation of this complex set of possibilities.


Opening Times
Event: Wednesday 14 February, 6.30-8pm

Standpoint at Chisenhale Studios
Studio 4, Chisenhale Studios, 64-84 Chisenhale Road,
E3 5QZ