Seek-Pray-Advance, Episode 1: Eyes Only

The first chapter of an intergalactic tale presented within an immersive interdisciplinary environment by Megan Broadmeadow.

at CGP London

Inspired by recent UFO religious leaders, and records of hallucinations from across human history, Seek-Pray-Advance, Episode 1: Eyes Only is the first chapter of an aggregative national touring exhibition by Bristol-based artist Megan Broadmeadow co-commissioned by CGP London and QUAD, Derby. This immersive, labyrinthine exhibition explores the complex and blurred zones between religious epiphany, alien contact and delusional disorder.

This intergalactic tale investigates the human condition of belief, asking if we are really ‘alone’; what about the others that exist within us, the others created by society; the others to whom we must listen and obey?

In this, the premier episode of Broadmeadow’s largest work to date, we are introduced to the characters of Seek-Pray-Advance; an eclectic cast of players including The Ordinary Person, The Mother of all Personas and The Anguine Twins who all interact with a curious cosmic box, the contents of which connects the Earth and universe. Broadmeadow’s cast are developed from a wealth of mythical hybrid tropes, referencing 1950s sci-fi blockbusters, ancient scripture, Jungian theories and contemporary culture.

Seek-Pray-Advance is an interdisciplinary artwork comprising of installation, video, performance and sound. It will unfold as an episodic sequence during 2018-19 across the UK. The show at CGP London marks the departure point for the work, travelling onto Green Man Festival for Episode 2 (August 2018) then will culminate with Episode 3 at QUAD, Derby in Autumn 2019.

Alongside conventional research Broadmeadow has developed this work through an intensive period structured around a workshop-led process in collaboration with artists, singers and dancers. Through which Megan has created an Sci-fi Choir whose performances at Arnolfini, Bristol, provide the soundtrack to the exhibition and shall feature throughout the touring exhibition.

The Sci-fi Choir will perform live during the exhibition tour at spin-off events across the UK. An EP of soundscapes created for the exhibitions and featuring the choir is scheduled by Paper Folds in Bristol in 2019.

Each episode will be accompanied by an exploratory text written by researcher and curator Lucy A. Sames, investigating key themes within the exhibitions and those of Megan’s ongoing research into the occult, extra-terrestrial and religious experience.

Artist Talk: Thursday 26 April, 7pm: Megan Broadmeadow in conversation with Jamie Sutcliffe, writer and co-editor of Strange Attractor Press.

CGP London

Opening Times
Preview: Sunday 18 March, 2-6pm
21 March - 29 April 2018
Wednesday to Sunday, 11am-5pm

CGP London
Southwark Park
SE16 2UA