Screening of Adam Lewis Jacob's new film work Wildcat (2017), as part of LUX's New Work screening series, showcasing recent work by artists based in the UK.

at LUX

The screening will be followed by a conversation between Adam Lewis Jacob, Donald Rooum and curator and writer Herb Shellenberger. In partnership with LUX Scotland.

“A portrait of writer and cartoonist Donald Rooum (born 1928 in Bradford, UK), Adam Lewis Jacob’s 2017 film Wildcat reanimates Rooum’s long-running anarchist comic strip of the same name while leading to different trajectories and courses of inquiry. The Revolting Pussycat, the same ‘wildcat’ of the comic’s title (named after a wildcat strike, an action taken by unionized workers without their union leadership’s approval) jumps off the page, stepping outside of Rooum’s comics and into the real world in various two- and three-dimensional forms, becoming a catalyst for discussion of topics like social justice, performance, the politics of music and the place of anarchism in contemporary society.”

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Opening Times
Event: Saturday 17 March, 2.30-4.30pm

Waterlow Park Centre
N19 5JF