Meeting Ground

An exhibition of works on paper, photographs and sculptures by Joseph Ridgeon and Carrie Foulkes.

at Project Space Wapping

Meeting Ground is a collaborative exhibition by London-based artists Joseph Ridgeon and Carrie Foulkes.

Seeking to find a place where their diverse creative practices intersected, the artists chose Hampstead Heath as a site to start this conversation due to the multiplicity of associations and meanings the urban forest holds for both of them.

The process of developing this project has seen each artist using the other's practice as a way to investigate their own work.

Their initial contemplation of the Heath through the lens of cruising led to a consideration of ecosystems as a new way of looking at queer culture and its connection to place.

Comprising large-format drawings, sculptural assemblages, contact prints and photographs, the exhibition presents a meeting ground of two practices, and two distinct responses to site.

Joseph Ridgeon / Carrie Foulkes

Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 15 March, 6-9pm
16 - 17 March 2018
Friday, 12-5pm
Saturday, 11am-3pm

Project Space Wapping
49 Pennington Street