System Recovery

Fran Meana's first solo project in the UK, is an exploration of the possibilities offered by digital tools to reactivate the recent past.

at Assembly Point

For this project the artist has recruited the help of a neural network – a type of machine learning algorithm – to explore the legacy of El Laboratorio de Formas; a proto-think tank established in the early sixties by a pioneering group of Galician artists. Trained using their writings, the algorithm will help Meana navigate the complex legacy of this former collective.

Together, artist and machine will reactivate the group’s production and research, mining their vast archive of local culture, that includes studies of ancient rock engravings, pagan ritual masks, and ceramic homewares. Using new technologies and rapid prototyping System Recovery seeks to bring contemporary ideas and new life to the work of El Laboratorio de Formas.

Assembly Point

Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 17 May, 6-9pm
18 May - 23 June 2018
Wednesday to Friday, 12-6pm
Saturday, 12-5pm

Assembly Point
49 Staffordshire Street
SE15 5TJ