A Fantastic Fermentation of Matter

An artist talk by Kim L Pace followed by tea and cake.

at Danielle Arnaud

For the last day of Kim L Pace’s solo exhibition, A Fantastic Fermentation of Matter, the artist will give a talk at 4pm followed by tea and cake.

The exhibition brings together several bodies of new work in ceramics, watercolour and digital print that explore Pace’s ongoing interest in magic, transformation and metamorphosis.

Pace’s works are characteristically inhabited by fictitious characters—invented by the artist—that draw upon mythology, art history, literature and contemporary subcultures. Recently the artist has been focusing on plant and animal life, anthropomorphising carrots, cacti and corn. At first sight these brightly coloured watercolours and richly textured ceramics evoke a happy harvest scene. This is undone however by the character’s wasted limbs and gaping mouths, that take Pace’s ongoing exploration of the grotesque to comic excess.

Pace has a long-standing interest in comics; she originated the touring exhibition Cult Fiction, Art & Comics for the Hayward Gallery, London in 2007. This interest is evident in the format of her ‘collages’, which typically comprise 8 frames or panels on A0 sized watercolour paper. Evoking a storyboard or comic book format, the different frames incorporate Pace’s own invented characters, appropriated material and abstract shapes. Rather than develop a coherent narrative however, the works withhold literal representation—the figures and objects contained within hint at connections that are open to endless interpretation.

Pace’s ongoing exploration into the divergence between the actual and the fictitious has led her to develop a distinctive way of working that merges analogue and digital processes. Beginning initially with pen and paper, her compositions coalesce on the computer—a space not unlike the comic where natural laws are suspended, and inanimate objects can come to life. She is interested in how the transformations her characters engender may offer a different understanding of our place in the world.

The exhibition title is taken from Bruno Schulz’s 1934 short story, Treatise on Tailors Dummies.

An accompanying essay by writer and curator Angela Kingston will be available as part of the exhibition.

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Opening Times
Event: Saturday 19 May, 4pm

Danielle Arnaud
123 Kennington Road
SE11 6SF