Not even nothing can be free of ghosts

Solo exhibition of new work by Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2017/18 winner Frances Richardson.

at Standpoint Gallery

Frances Richardson’s exhibition has been developed over the period of a year as the 15th recipient of the major UK sculpture award. On spending time in the empty gallery, Richardson was intrigued by a thought that she could smell water. Not even nothing can be free of ghosts sees the artist using wood, veneer, video and copper in response to the illusive impression a place can hold of something unseen.

Richardson’s interest in giving shape to ideas of nothingness is a continuing theme of her practice, evidenced in her drawings where fields of positive and negative pencil marks appear like thin undulating skins. The artist describes these as “slices of time, of what I feel it is to be, everything and nothing all at once”. When it comes to the sculptural works 'Eidolon' and 'Not all temporary objects can be avoided', the artist works directly with materials to present “a thought that encompasses both a memory of the real and a projection of the imagined”.

Standpoint Gallery

Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 17 May, 6-8.30pm
18 May - 23 June 2018
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5pm

Standpoint Gallery
45 Coronet Street
N1 6HD