Curated by MA Curating and Collections 2017/18.

at The Cookhouse Gallery

This exhibition aims to dismantle the established boundary conditions of gender, race and class within our current colonialist, capitalist and gendered economies. Featuring works by Ericka Beckman, Puck Verkade and Osías Yanov that challenge the system, the grid and ways of classifying which delineates boundaries within our society. In the realm of the exhibition, the traditional divisions between human and animal, organism and machine, and the physical and non-physical are blurred in order to address a myriad of ways in which technology relates to human nature and the agency of the body.

// is informed by Donna Haraway’s 1984 essay, A Cyborg Manifesto. The cyborg is used as a fictional and metaphorical concept for subverting these boundary conditions. Haraway proposes a mythic answer to the problems we are currently facing. Through this fictional method, this exhibition guides us through the breakdown of limiting identity constructs, towards a new social structure as a call to arms for the future.

As a support to the concept, aiming to subvert the traditional book and catalogue format, a publication is used as an extension of the exhibition. It includes dialogues between the curators and artists set within a fictional realm, and artists’ response to the curatorial strategy and exhibition concept. With a foreword written by Lynton Talbot, contributors include Ericka Beckman, Zach Blas, Ami Clarke, Joey Holder, and Osías Yanov.

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Opening Times
7 - 13 September 2018
Monday to Wednesday, 10am-8pm

The Cookhouse Gallery
Chelsea College of Arts, 16 John Islip Street,