Unreal Estates

A group exhibition of newly commissioned painting and writing, taking place in a working estate agency in Dalston.

at Homefinders Estate Agents

Curated by local artist Amanda Lwin, six London-based painters are producing new work in collaboration with a fiction writer. Each pair are working together to create an interpretation, story or narrative about the listed properties in the estate agency, expressed through a series of paintings and a short text. Gathered together as Unreal Estates, the work loosely resembles property marketing material.

Artists: Hannah Bays, Dawn Beckles, Elysia Byrd, Héloïse Delègue, Brian McKenzie, Anna Jung Seo

Writers: Martin Jackson, John Z. Komurki, Karina Lickorish Quinn, Portals of London

The show is inspired in part by the concept of ‘Airspace’ in an essay written by Kyle Chayka; the idea that interiors are becoming more and more homogenised due to our fascination with ‘apartment-lust’ on apps like Airbnb, Instagram and Pinterest. The works are a subtle comment on the state of the property market and the trend of property as investment, rather than a place where lives are lived. The work reasserts the subtleties, emotions and intrigues found in domestic settings with richer, deeper stories. A nuanced examination of issues affecting London and other cities, Unreal Estates reaffirms the basic human need of a house as shelter; a space of personal rather than of monetary value.

The value of property exists in collective fictions and political decisions as much as in reality. Rather than simplistically demonising the profiteers of the housing crisis, the exhibition targets the systemic nature of the commodification of property. Everyone is complicit from mortgage providers and property agents to homeowners and even renters.

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Opening Times
13 September - 13 October 2018
Monday to Friday, 9am-6.30pm
Saturday, 10am-4pm

Homefinders Estate Agents
146 Kingsland High Street
E8 2NS