The Bystanders

An exhibition of paintings by Peter Ashton Jones, Dan Coombs and Covadonga Valdes.

at Standpoint Gallery

There is a Haiku poem by Matsuo Basho (1644-94) that talks about a frog sitting on a rock looking at a lily pond. The frog is the self and the lily pond represents a membrane of consciousness, and simultaneously, the world – the abstract and figurative world. It’s a question of when to jump, when to engage.

All three painters in this exhibition have been present (such as that is) for a reasonably significant period of time, and all three painters will show older work (roughly within a ten year span) with very recent work. The ‘sitting on the rock’ is more to do with their independent status, one which is both ‘reflective’ and ‘direct’, within and alongside a slow changing pluralistically evolving art world. The question about jumping is more to do with what they have committed to as painters, what they are committed to saying.

Standpoint Gallery

Opening Times
6-27 October 2018
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5pm

Standpoint Gallery
45 Coronet Street
N1 6HD