A solo exhibition of new work by Leeds based artist Karanjit Panesar, the selected artist of the hotel generation programme for 2018.

at arebyte Gallery

What is the place of the alienated individual in the globalised world system, and why are alternatives to it so hard to imagine? How can we envision a better future when we are told that this is the way things are, and that this is the way things have to be?

Comprising sculpture, film, CGI animation, and text, the exhibition is an attempt to affectively map a world system that is so vast and unrepresentable a totality as to factor into almost every aspect of life and relationships in some way. What does this mean for us—the perennial consumer—and our view of the world at large?

The show borrows from the language of advertising and political rhetoric in an effort to ridicule the pervasive nature of the neoliberal system; its apparent finality and preclusion of alternatives. Framed within an installation that is suggestive of some site of theatrical ruin, the exhibited works move between pessimism and guarded optimism, and between loosely suggested futures and fictive pasts. The exhibition considers the critical function of utopian thinking, and in doing so addresses a crisis of the social imaginary.


Opening Times
Preview: Friday 9 November, 6-9pm
10 November - 15 December 2018
Tuesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

arebyte Gallery
Unit 21 Java House, London City Island,
E14 0LG