Capitalist Realism Pt.3 [SYMPOSIUM] Book Club

The third in a series of discussions from the [SYMPOSIUM] book club on Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher, continuing with chapters 6-7 (pages 43-65) on practical solutions.


Mark Fisher’s short book Capitalist Realism is one of the twenty-first century’s great reactions to the material horrors of neoliberal capitalism. It guides us through the precarity and meaninglessness of contemporary work, epitomized by the endless web of the call centre. Everything is mediated, passed on to someone else, abstracted from our tangible grasp. “Work and life become inseparable. Capital follows you when you dream. Time ceases to be linear, becomes chaotic, broken down into punctiform divisions”. All material bases of the system are abstracted, and the possibility of an uprising, as Maurizio Lazzarato warns us, are divided and broken. We cannot fight back, because there is nothing to fight, only the physical oppression of capitalist culture keeping us in check.

This book club is facilitated by Silvia Bombardini and Elliot Mason.

[SYMPOSIUM] is a monthly reading group on the intersections between art practice and critical theory. Please visit the website for more information, to book and download the text.


Opening Times
Event: Friday 9 November, 6.30-9pm

62 Fieldgate Street
E1 1ES