Ludo (also known as Trouble)

A playful exhibition from Emma Sheehy and Elly Thomas.

at The Rectory Projects

Ludo(from the Latin for ‘I play’) is the name of a board game known by various titles, including ‘Trouble,’ ‘Aggravation’ and ‘Don’t Get Upset.’ This collection of names reveals a central characteristic of gameplay. The philosopher of sport, Bernard Suits, famously defined gameplay as “the voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles.” For Suits, gameplay necessarily involved an engagement with ‘trouble.’ For their show at The Rectory Projects, Emma Sheehy and Elly Thomas will employ gameplaying strategies to create an exhibition that welcomes in the unforeseen to delight in things going ‘wrong.’ Elly Thomas will use a collection of sculptures and found objects to create an improvised installation using assertively absurd processes that endlessly resist finality. Emma Sheehy’s scramble of decorative sculptures and altered objects will be tacked together to encourage clowning and a little medieval re-enactment.

In addition, the audience will be invited to play with an interactive sculpture that combines the work of the two artists.

On the opening night there will also be a 'messing around workshop' from artist Louise Ashcroft, potions from Charlotte Osborne and a performance by percussionist band Pumpkin Jigsaw

The Rectory Projects

Opening Times
Preview: Saturday 10 November, 4-10pm
10 - 18 November 2018
Open by appointment

The Rectory Projects
All Saints Rectory, Newby Place,
E14 0EY