VeniceLands ArtPrize: Open call for artists

An international contemporary art competition, open to all with no age limits. All the finalist artists will showcase their works during a 10days-long exhibition, spread in 10 different venues into the territory of the Treviso's province, Italy.

Deadline: March 7th, 2019

When & where: Treviso, Italy; May 4th-12th, 2019.

Entry: artists don't have to pay, neither for registration, nor for participation and exhibition

Artists can apply their works choosing one of these three categories:
—2D: for artworks laying on a surface (painting, engraving, drawing....)
—3D: for artworks moving within space (sculpture, installation...)
—4D: for artworks moving over time (performance, sound art, videoart....)

Each artist can apply with max one work per category.

Artists can win cash prizes, art residencies and other opportunities listed in our website.

VeniceLands ArtPrize does not aim to be the simple, static "artworks-on-the-walls" ehibition, but aspires to be, and effectively is, something alive, which moves and evolves: artists are all invited to participate actively at the events during the exhibition (workshops, talks, live sessions, performances, artists in studio, meetings with curators and public...).

VeniceLands ArtPrize is a real art festival: artists meet their public, share ideas, visions, with the public and with other artists and critics.

VeniceLands ArtPrize