Exposing Imperceptible

Following the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, how are artists responding to altered social and physical realities?

at Deptford X Gallery

It has been 8 years since the triple disaster hit Japan, on 11th March 2011. Reflecting on the global impact of this disaster, AAUK is holding a discussion event at Deptford X Project Space.

AAUK has invited a panel of speakers, including Yoi Kawakubo, Gabriella Hirst and Warren Harper, to discuss the diverse ways in which artists are confronting global socio-political issues relating to thedisaster in Fukushima.Spotlighting connections beyond Japan and UK, the event addresses how artists contribute to discourses around the nuclear. In a cultural environment that obscures the long-term implications of the nuclear Anthropocene, how do artists visualize the unseeable? What is the role of art when confronting such a huge scale disaster?


Opening Times
Event: Monday 11 March, 6-8pm

Deptford X Gallery
9 Brookmill Road