Fault Lines

A group show that brings together four UK-based artists working in the realm of sculpture: Jonathan Baldock, Alice Channer, Angela de la Cruz and Holly Hendry.

at Freelands Foundation

The artists were born across four consecutive decades, highlighting an on-going, and cross-generational, fascination with themes of instability.

The term ‘fault line’ encompasses both the physical and metaphorical qualities of volatility and fluctuation. As a physical form a fault line is identifiable as a geological boundary or crack in the ground, and as a metaphorical concept, as something weak or precarious. Baldock, Channer, De la Cruz and Hendry all address this sense of tension in their work, both through the material processes that underpin their practice, and in the final sculptural forms produced.

Through diverse approaches – hints at figuration, fragile materials and precarious formal constructions – collectively the artists consider the fault lines in their materials, allowing emotional and interior states to reach the surface.

Fault Lines comprises predominantly recent work, alongside a 2002 piece by Angela de la Cruz, which was featured in her 2010 Turner Prize exhibition.

Fault Lines connects to a new project being developed between Freelands Foundation and Yorkshire Sculpture International, which brings ten art teachers in London and ten teachers in Yorkshire into dialogue about teaching sculpture in schools. A parallel public programme will consider the metaphorical resonances of the term fault line, exploring precariousness and rupture, including; Alice Channer in conversation at Freelands Foundation with Edward Ball, discussing her work as well as its relationship to the broader themes of the exhibition and a screening programme of artists’ moving image, in response to the exhibition.

Curated by Edward Ball, Freelands Artist Programme Curator.

Freelands Foundation

Opening Times
Preview: Tuesday 12 March
14 March – 14 April 2019
Thursday to Sunday, 12-6pm

Freelands Foundation
113 Regent's Park Road