Take Back Control

A chance to relive the gut wrenching excitement of the 2016 Brexit vote week through newspapers and a host of artists inspired by the press events during this period.

at The Crypt Gallery

A curated selection of Britain's most politically active artists will display alongside over 70 newspapers from the week of the Brexit vote: 16-19th June 2016. In these final days of Britain's EU membership, the exhibition offers a unique snapshot in time of the British media's most exaggerated campaigns for both sides of the debate (LEAVE and REMAIN).

This show aims to:

Take back control from the press!

Answer the question who are the UK press?

Serve as a bridge between both sides of Brexit

Attend “Take back control” to discover the identities of those who shape the British Media's daily agenda. The exhibition hopes all sides of the campaign will find fascination within the wealth of facts and stats gleaned from research into the organisations behind the UK's national newspapers.

Artists: Jeremy Deller, Kennard Phillips, Heath Kane, Joe Holbrook, Magda Archer, Ellie Pennick, Bryden, Zish Alexander, Sean Wheelan, Sarah Heuser, Samuel Ivan Roberts, Jill Laudet, David Dunnico, Quiet British Accent, Paul Deltic, Sal Jones, Natasha Eves, Guy Morris, Tracey Falcon, Theresa Easton, Ted Targett, Gordon Culshaw, Ben Bird, Joshua Evan, Harriet Hill, Amrit Randhawa, Kennard Phillips, Jan Bowman, Mark Sheeky, Cheap Thrills, Dr.D, Simeon Oliver

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Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 14 March, 6-9pm
14 – 24 March 2019
Monday to Sunday, 10am-6pm

The Crypt Gallery
St Pancras Church. Euston Road