Shy Radicals: The Black Panthers for Shy People

Hamja Ahsan talks about his debut book, that imagines a utopic homeland called 'Aspergistan', in the context of debates around intersectionality, radical mental health and neurodiversity.

at Pump House Gallery

How can citizenship, nationalism and the state be reimagined to be more homely to neurodivergent people? Can shy, awkward and neurodiverse people be reimagined as dissenters, subversives and revolutionary leaders? How can art and performance reimagine identity and society to make life less alienating?

Drawing from the worlds of teen movies, constitutions and human rights law, the rhetorics of 1960s Liberation movements and anticolonial struggles, grunge and indie music and anti-psychiatry, Hamja explores these questions. Recent developments, such as the birth of the neurodivergent Labour movement, and attempts to recontextualise the project in Post-Tito Slovenia, will be further elaborated on.

The talk will be followed by a book-signing.

Pump House Gallery

Opening Times
Event: Thursday 16 May, 6.30-8.30pm

Pump House Gallery
Battersea Park
SW11 4NJ