east bristol contemporary are seeking proposals for SITTING SHOW (ebc022) which will take place 11th-13th October 2019 in Bristol.

east bristol contemporary (ebc) are looking for artists to submit proposed artworks that are for sitting on, or are to be sat on… or that incorporate seating in some way… or that are informed by seating… or are between sculpture and seating. These might be benches or chairs, but also might not take the form of a formal piece of furniture. They might be modular objects, or objects that are not usually intended to be sat on. Artworks may be informed by architectural or design practice. Submitting artists do not have to have created seating before, but must in this instance submit designs/plans.

ebc are particularly interested in hearing proposals from emerging artists in the first 10 years of their career.

Selected works will be shown in the ebc022 exhibition, and each artist will receive an artist participation fee of £300, and negotiable support with logistics, and aid with accommodation. One artist will receive an additional £200 to spend on materials for their proposed artwork. Once the artists are selected for ebc022, one artist will have the option of leading an hour long public workshop on the Sunday, for an additional payment of £120 (to include materials), an initial proposal for this workshop can be included in your application (optional).

Works will be selected by ebc alongside artist and writer Ellen Wilkinson. Ellen will be writing a short text to be launched at the exhibition that will reflect on the works presented in the exhibition.

Full details on how to apply can be found on the ebc website.

Deadline to apply: 4th August 2019