until you became me

A site-specific exhibition exploring how water connects us to each other and our environments.

at The House Mill

Artists Karen Le Roy Harris and Miriam Sedacca will exhibit new individual and collaborative works including ceramic sculpture, film, installation and performance made in direct response to the unique and atmospheric space of The House Mill, the world’s largest surviving tidal mill and one of London's best kept secrets.

The artists will create an immersive space of installations which invites visitors to consider themselves as bodies of water constantly in flux and intimately connected with others and with their surroundings. The exhibition takes the premise that we are all bodies of water, as our human bodies consist of 50-75% water. As such we have an inseparable and co-substantive relationship with all other bodies of water, whether they be oceans, reservoirs, or any of the millions of species which inhabit earth and also hold water within themselves

Through showing at historic mills where flowing water can be heard under the building, the work also demonstrates how humans can and have worked in collaboration with nature, harnessing and channeling its powers and flows rather than working against them.

A diverse programme of events with local and international artists will support the show including a film screening featuring Sandra Lahire, a performance night exploring unseen parts of the mill and a closing water ceremony.

until you became me

Opening Times
5 - 21 July 2019
Thursday to Sunday, 11am-5pm

The House Mill
Three Mill Lane, Bromley-by-Bow,
E3 3DU