Open Call: Word in Transit 6 - Toy Story

Word in Transit invites you to explore or embody a character from Toy Story for their Art Licks Weekend project, taking place both on the London Overground and at the project space, Gaff.

Word in Transit 6—Toy Story- Art Licks Weekend Interdependence- Gaff Space -Open Call.

Word in Transit is responding to the Art Licks Weekend 2019 theme of . Interdependence, with Toy Story.

“You’ve got a friend in me”

The characters in Toy Story have very distinct roles and personalities although they are bound together – from Woody plotting and staging the escape for their friends, with one member of the group taking control, to all of them cooperating together to hide whenever Andy arrives back home.

Word in Transit (WIT) invites you to explore or embody a character from Toy Story. WIT are looking for artists who will perform pieces on an overground train; communicating directly, creatively challenging or playfully responding to the narrative/aesthetic from the Toy Story films. Championing low cost/d.i.y processes will require all costumes and props to be made either fully or mostly by the artist.

The train will then be transformed by a group of Toy Story cladded artists. Each individual artist will work within the known theme, while the public receive and become a part of a shared moment. The relationship between interdependence and Toy Story’s narrative, of friendship, will be presented by the curator to the artists, the artists will be invited to respond.

Artists and the audience members will travel the length of the Overground line, to then arrive at Gaff Space in Walthamstow, which will take the form of a mix of scenes and elements from across all three films. The artists will arrive fresh from their performances on the train and will have pre-planned behaviors/actions to perform throughout the evening amongst two dimensional art and video works. The public who will have free roam of the set.

Curated by Dominic Chadwick.

Event: Saturday 19th October.

Word in Transit invite submissions:

Live performative works (1-5 minutes in duration) that will take place on the Overground itself, as well as submissions of any medium for Gaff Space.

To apply, head to the Word in Transit website and complete the questions and email it to:

Deadline is 31st August2019, 23:59 GMT.