Incidental Assembly

An afternoon of participatory activities by artists, curators, researchers and writers exploring the principles of the Artist Placement Group (1966-89) which sought to reposition the role of the artist in society.

at South London Gallery

Many of these activities draw upon concepts coined by the APG, such as the idea that ‘Context is Half the Work’ or the ‘figure of the Incidental Person’. In addition, these activities explore a range of techniques and methods that share a commitment to interrupting norms in law, health, industry, education and administration.

Contributors: Michele Allen, Johann Arens, Charles Danby and Rob Smith, Corinna Dean, KALEIDOWORKS, Nicola Ellis, Simon Farid, Rob Flint, Amanda Loomes and Laura Purseglove

Incidental Unit (IU) was formed in 2016 following a series of ‘incidental meetings’. The aim of these meetings was to informally share information about the Artist Placement Group (APG) (1966-89) as well as its successor O+I (Organisation and Imagination) (1989-2009). APG was founded by artist Barbara Steveni along with Barry Flanagan, David Hall, John Latham, Anna Ridley and Jeffrey Shaw.

IU reprises John Latham’s use of the term ‘incidental’ and seeks to reignite and enrich debates around the role of the artist in contemporary society and inspire action.


Opening Times
Event: Saturday 14 September, 12-4pm

South London Gallery
65 Peckham Road