New work by artists, Sally Kindberg, Dillwyn Smith and Roberto Ekholm, each of whom regard a material practice as a search for transcendent potential.

at MOCA London

The use of the phonetic spelling of the noun and verb of ‘makeup’ hints at the artists’ shared interest in structural, linguistic and diagrammatical processes which might move a form from a state of individual parts or conceptual ideas, through to something else or as yet entirely unknown. This new state could be a different composition or arrangement, an alchemical shift, a manifestation through to full-blown objecthood. Equally, the same word might refer to something in reverse of this; a critical breakdown of components, elements, a disintegration to the intangible, or simply getting to the guts of a matter, so to speak. The works in meɪkʌp each carefully trace the back and forth of cultural lineages and histories of meaning-making through the use of MOCA’s unique gallery space, to explore what it means to work out, break down and makeup.

Artists in conversation with Anna Ricciardi:Thursday 17 October, 6.30pm, talk starts at 7pm

MOCA London

Opening Times
Preview: Sunday 13 October, 2-4pm
3 October - 2 November 2019
Thursday and Friday, 2-6pm
Saturday, 12-4pm
Friday 4 October, 2 – 8pm

MOCA London
Museum of Contemporary Art, 113 Bellenden Road,
SE15 4QY