Baby It’s Cold Outside

Seen Fifteen presents a collaboration with artist duo Broomberg & Chanarin for the first UK exhibition of their Chopped Liver Press poster works.

at Seen Fifteen

The exhibition, taking place during the countdown to the UK’s departure of the EU, launches a special Limited Edition Chopped Liver Press work entitled Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Baby It’s Cold Outside was originally conceived by artists Broomberg & Chanarin as a campaign slogan in the lead up to the 2016 Brexit Referendum. The self-initiated campaign, screen-printed onto t-shirts, went viral on social media and appeared in national press coverage in the wake of the historic vote. The 2019 poster edition of the work is released as an act of protest and of commiseration as the chaotic moment of the withdrawal now unfolds.

Chopped Liver Press was founded by Broomberg & Chanarin in 2012 to publish their limited edition posters, which are produced monthly and screen-printed by hand onto selected pages of the New York Times. Screen-printed posters have been used throughout history during moments of political protest and resistance. By creating works on newspaper that interact with the narratives of our time, the Chopped Liver Press posters also commemorate the dying art of print journalism. Baby It’s Cold Outside, made exclusively for the exhibition at Seen Fifteen, is created in an Edition of 31 as a reference to the date that the UK will leave the EU. Each sale will include a £25 donation to the charity, Refugee Action.

Seen Fifteen

Opening Times
Late View: Thursday 10 October, 6-8pm
28 September – 12 October 2019
Thursday to Sunday, 12-6pm

Seen Fifteen
Studio DG1 The Bussey Building 133 Copeland Road
SE15 3SN