Everything's Mustard

An immersive mixed-media installation by artist Sarah Roberts, who has painstakingly made and collected yellow objects to amass a meticulous, yet arbitrary, new chromatic work.

at Picnic Gallery

Inspired by her experience of an epic clear out of her late Mother’s seaside bungalow in mid Wales after her death, Everything’s Mustard is a laboured construction that deals with loss, hoarding and discovery, through an aesthetic examination of our human commitment to collection and consuming.

The vitrine, populated with sculptures, found objects and fabric pieces, has become a time capsule of matter. Things are solidified and archived, but in their homogenous ‘yellow’, they evoke this sense of something new, unplaced, untethered.

The exhibition is an examination of the seduction and bizarre futility of collecting from an artist who is the daughter of a hoarder and a self-proclaimed material junkie, in the age of the Anthropocene.

Picnic Gallery

Opening Times
Preview: Wednesday 6 November, 7.30-9pm
Monday to Friday, 7am-10pm
Saturday, 9am-10pm
Sunday, 7am-4pm

Picnic Gallery
Unit 6, Aylesham Centre, Rye Lane,
SE15 5EW