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21st Century

Frankfurt-based artist Bonny Poon, will be presenting 'On All Fours - Twenty Years In and Out of Ibiza', a talk based around her film 'Holiday' (2011-2030).

Event: Tuesday 10 December, 7pm

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Uri Aran & Richard Fleischner

Having spent the summer months of 2013 living in the SLG's artists' flat as the Outset Artist-in-Residence, Uri Aran presents his first major UK solo exhibition along with American artist Richard Fleischner, who was introduced to the SLG by Aran.

Preview: Tuesday 10 December, 6-9pm

11 December 2013 - 23 February 2014
Tuesday to Sunday, 11am-6pm
Wednesdays, 11am-9pm

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Return to Reason

In this exhibition three artists have been brought together whose work explore the possibilities of collage and found imagery.

4 December 2013 - 9 January 2014
Monday to Sunday, 9am-9pm

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The Farringdon Factory

A seven-story building that has been stripped back to its skeletal structure, this empty space operates as an open studio complex for live events, screenings and installations, performances and talks.

Cinema events: 9 - 18 December
Open Factory event: 18 December

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A day of continual irritation for myself

The second in a series of two exhibitions on making marks and meaning.

Preview: Friday 6 December, 6-9pm

7 December - 15 December 2013
Saturday to Sunday, 1-6pm

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As a collaborative singularity, working on international platforms across the EU, AMAE focuses on the tensions generated in marginalised bodies.

Event: Thursday 5 December 7-9pm

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Making Culture

Rizhoma.Gallery arrives in London with a show featuring a selection of 6 young international photographers selected from its previous projects in Palermo and Milan.

Preview: Thursday 5 December, 6-9pm

6 - 9 December 2013
Friday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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A pedagogical theatre of unlearning and the limits of knowledge. Directed by Jakob Jakobsen.

29 November 2013 - 12 January 2014
Thursday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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Artists Make Pub Signs & Group Show

Charles Avery, Goshka Macuga, Jake & Dinos Chapman and other leading artists are to create one-off pub signs to be sold as a fundraiser for Space In Between next month.

Opening Party: Thursday 5 December, 7-10pm

6 - 13 December 2013
Daily, 12-8pm
Closing Party: Friday 13 December, 7-10pm

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Stour Collective 2013

Celebrating its 6th annual group show, resident artists at Stour Space will display a collective exhibition showcasing the diverse practitioners and varied mediums working in the converted warehouse gallery.

Preview: Thursday 5 December, 7-11pm

6 December 2013 - 3 February 2014
Monday to Sunday, 9am-5pm

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Shiny Black Thoroughbred

Anna Clawson & Nicole Ward.

Preview: Thursday 5 December, 7-9pm

6 December 2013 - 11 January 2014
Wednesday to Saturday, 2-6pm

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Lumen at Shuffle Festival

Curated by Kate McTiernan around the themes of light, psychology, winter, memory and ways or recording light, Lumen occupies a front building of St Clement's transforming its inside and outside simultaneously.

Preview: Thursday 5 December, 5-11pm

6-15 December 2013
Monday to Friday, 5-11pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am-11pm

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Removal Men

A play about security guards at an Immigration Removal Centre in Essex.

Event: Wednesday 4 December

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Hardcore Software: Beta Release Launch

Hardcore Software presents the first edition of Beta Release - a new exhibition model for showcasing software under development.

Event: Wednesday 4 December, 6-9pm

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Social Protest, the exhibition

'Social Protest, the exhibition' brings together a year-long portable public art project involving 5 signs, 8 countries, 31 locations, and 468 individual protests.

2 - 6 December 2013
Daily 9am-6pm

Social Protesting Event: Tuesday 3 December 11am-2pm
Reception Event: Thursday 5 December 5-7pm

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Print Room

Banner Repeater becomes a dedicated print room, presenting newly commissioned works by Laure Prouvost, Benedict Drew, John Russell, Emma Hart, Shaun Doyle and Mally Mallinson.

Launch: Saturday 30 November, 12-6pm

30 November - 23 December 2013
Tuesday to Thursday, 8-11am
Friday, 8am-6pm
Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm

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Grand Magasin

A project with Nat Breitenstein.

Preview: Saturday 30 November, 6-9pm

1 December - 15 December 2013
Wednesday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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The Primary Notes

The result of an on-going dialogue between musician Gwilym Gold, producer Lexxx and artist Colin Henderson.

Event: Saturday 30 November, 7-8pm

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A performative exhibition by Jenny Moore.

Performance event: Talking, Friday 29 November, 7.30-9pm
Finnisage: 2 December, 7-9pm

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Judith Dean: Phase 4

As part of Judith Dean's residency and exhibition with Beaconsfield, Mary George shapes up the Art World with 'The Cult of the Endorphin'.

Event: Friday 29 November, 6-8pm

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