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The Kate Inside

Iconic and unseen photographs of Kate Bush by Guido Harari 1982 - 1993.

Preview: Wednesday 14 September, 6-9pm

13 - 30 September 2016
Tuesday to Saturday, 11am-6pm
Sunday, 11am-4pm

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Dream On

A solo show by London based artist Claire Baily.

Preview: Wednesday 14 September, 6-9pm

16 September - 8 October 2016
Friday and Saturday, 12-6pm

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Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016

The largest and longest-running annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK, presented in collaboration with Bath Spa University.

14 September - 23 October 2016
Monday to Friday, 10am-5pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am-3pm

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The first collaborative exhibition from London based artists Sam Smith and Andrea Zucchini.

Preview: Tuesday 13 September, 6-9pm

14 September - 22 October 2016
Wednesday to Friday, 12-6pm
Saturday, 12-5pm

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Solo exhibition of new works by Queenie Clarke.

Event: Tuesday 13 September, 5-8pm

5 - 30 September 2016

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In Conversation

Neil Clements and David Batchelor will be discussing their own practices and the legacy of Jeremy Moon and British Abstract Art.

Event: Tuesday 13 September, 6.30-8pm

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Wholeness Engine

A solo exhibition by Lisa Radon (Portland, USA).

3 September - 8 October 2016
Saturdays, 12-6pm

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There is One Missing From Your Bunch

Paloma Proudfoot's first solo exhibition in London. Working across a range of materials, Proudfoot calls to question our familiarity with recognisable objects.

2 September - 15 October 2016
Open by appointment

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Deep Water Web

Artists Steven Ball (London) and John Conomos (Sydney) have collaborated to present a multi-projection installation where London and Sydney are continuously connected across time zones.

Preview: Friday 9 September, 6-8pm

10 September - 16 October 2016
Saturday to Sunday, 11am-5pm

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From Myth to Earth

An exploration of Colombian mythology, history and landscape.

9 September - 29 October 2016
Monday to Saturday, 10am-6pm

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Isolation Chamber Vacation

A group exhibition of artists' responses to the subject of 'aloneness' and exploration of cultural representations of solitude.

2 September - 1 October 2016
Friday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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Tasteful Thickness

Steven Gee's exhibition brings together a number of works formed over the past few months.

19 August - 11 September 2016
Friday to Sunday, 11am-4pm

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Cue Collision

Vivien Zhang with Robert Cervera, Michal Fargo, Nicholas Johnson, and Candida Powell-Williams.

Preview: Friday 9 September, 6-9pm

9 - 24 September 2016
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Say What?

Group show that attempts to scrutinise and question the elaborate relationship between materiality and language, as well as the narrative and syntactical potential of the 'thing'.

Preview: Friday 9 September, 6-9pm

12 September - 28 October 2016
Monday to Friday, 10am-5pm

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Shadow Optics

'Shadow Optics' brings together four artists who deal in layers, atmospheres, and speculative or virtual spaces.

3 - 25 September 2016
Friday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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Modes Of Capture

Puck Verkade's first attempt to create a space intrusive installation that resembles the structures of a playground as well as the enclosures of public space.

Preview: Thursday 8 September, 6-9pm

9 - 18 September 2016
Wednesday to Saturday, 11am-5pm

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LFMC50: The Old & The New 1983 - 1985

BFI & LUX's celebration of the London Film-makers' Co-operative continues with an evening programmed and introduced by Cordelia Swann (LFMC Cinema Programmer 1983 - 85), followed by a discussion with Patrick Keiller and other filmmakers.

Event: Thursday 8 September, 8.20pm

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If not winter

Colin Booth presents a new body of work based on the lost fragments of the poems of Sappho, like Japanese haiku poems carved into marble.

5 September - 23 September 2016
Thursday to Saturday, 2-6pm

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Images of Power

A reactive exhibition of political photography examining images that politicians broadcast of themselves, and the ways that artists appropriate and subvert to challenge and question.

2 - 11 September 2016
Thursday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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Dark Side of Pink: Re-Psycho Re-Punk

Iain McKell presents 16 colour monographs of an all women neo-native performance tribe living in Tottenham - The RePsychos.

Preview: Wednesday 7 September, 6-9pm

31 August - 30 September 2016
Tuesday to Saturday 11am-6pm

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