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Space, Data & Abstraction

David Cunningham and Adrian Lahoud present their recent research for the latest RCA Visual Cultures Lecture Series. Chaired by Jaspar Joseph-Lester, Research Tutor and Reader in Fine Art.

Event: Tuesday 16 February, 6.30-8pm

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Exhibition Tour of Jerwood Encounters: Common Property

Led by curator of the exhibition, Hannah Pierce, and Jerwood Visual Arts' Writer in Residence, Tom Overton.

Event: Monday 15 February, 6.30-7.45pm

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Surface Intimacy

New work by contributing artists: Astrid Ahlbom Andersson, Louise Madsen, Emilie Peyre Smith, Emily Woolley and Camille Yvert.

13 February - 17 February 2016
Monday to Tuesday, 2-7pm
Wednesday, 6-10pm

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Interruptions: Between You and Me

Join The Bad Vibes Club (Sam Mercer and Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau) for an afternoon of presentations, discussions and films about interruption and its relationship to art practice and contemporary culture.

Event: Saturday 13 February, 12-4pm

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Slow, thick fingers

Group exhibition that brings together a range of contemporary practitioners to explore touch as gesture.

Preview: Friday 12 February, 6-9pm

13 February - 12 March 2016
Thursday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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I am so heavy

The first London solo show by Oliver Tirre.

Preview: Thursday 11 February, 6-9pm

12 February - 5 March 2016
Friday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Home Instruction Manual

The first full-scale installation of Jan McCullough's award-winning internet driven photography project.

Preview: Thursday 11 February, 6-10pm

12 - 28 February 2016
Thursday to Sunday, 11am-6pm

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Films and Filming: Witnessing

Artist filmmaker Lucy Parker presents recent work in discussion with video journalist Jason N. Parkinson. Followed by a screening of the feature film 'Miners Shot Down' (2014) directed by Rehad Desai.

Event: Tuesday 9 February, 7-10pm

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Patrick Goddard & Pil and Galia Kollectiv

An artist film screening that brings together two works, 'Greater Fool Theory' (35 mins, 2015) by Patrick Goddard and 'Suck the Living Labour' (37:45 mins, 2013) by Pil and Galia Kollectiv.

Event: Tuesday 9 February, 6.30-8.30pm

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Manual Labours: The Complaining Body

Exhibition about the physical and emotional affects of complaining, receiving complaints and not being able to complain in the context of work.

6 February - 3 March 2016
Monday to Friday, 10am-8pm
Saturday, 10am-5pm

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Take Away Dove

Sarah Boulton shares a new body of work. Taking place at dawn, Boulton will draw on the rapid change in natural light and unfolding awareness of the audience.

Event: Saturday 6 February, 7am

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Things Fall Apart

The highlight exhibition of Red Africa, a season of art, film, talks and events on the legacy of cultural relationships between Africa, the Soviet Union and related countries during the Cold War.

Preview: Thursday 4 February, 6-9pm

4 February - 3 April 2016
Wednesday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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Tisna Westerhof presents a witty and poignant critique of the daily diet of violent and banal imagery presented in the Western media.

Preview: Thursday 4 February, 7-9pm

5 February - 5 May 2016
Sunday, 10am-1pm

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Should of Could of Would of

A solo exhibition by Annie Attridge.

1 - 27 February 2016
Thursday to Saturday, 2-6pm

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Feeling In The Eyes

Group exhibition that explores the ever evolving notion of materiality in the context of our accelerated present, specifically through the post-internet condition.

Preview: Thursday 4 February, 7-9pm

5 February - 12 March 2016
Wednesdays to Saturday, 2-6pm

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Bounty Bars and Oreo Cookies

A new photographic series by Alexandrina Hemsley and Katarzyna Perlak.

Preview: Wednesday 3 February, 6-8pm

4 - 20 February 2016
Monday to Friday, 9am-11pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am-11pm

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Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa on YouTube

An informal presentation by Guatemalan artist Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa based on the artist's 'YouTube research' into the delirious theories of Mormon missionaries and the British conspiracy theorist David Icke which inspired his current show.

Event: Saturday 30 January, 3pm

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How the mind comes to be furnished

A collaborative exhibition of new work by James Irwin and Lilah Fowler.

Preview: Friday 29 January, 6-9pm

30 January - 27 February 2016
Friday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Fan Club 3: Shipfic Bodyswap Copyriot

A fan club exploring the curious relationship between art and fandom featuring guest fans and artists working with fan-like tendencies.

Event: Friday 29 January, 6.30-8pm

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