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Bringing together an international line-up of artists, ARIEL 2.0 is an eclectic programme of vocal articulations in Peckham's car park space, Bold Tendencies.

Event: Wednesday 9 September, 7-10pm

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Works On Paper

This exhibition presents a rare survey of work by British artist Ron Henocq, with specific focus on his works on paper.

9 September - 4 October 2015
Wednesday to Sunday, 11am-5pm

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Laura Reeves and Phil Owen, Writer and Researcher at Arnolfini's Reading Room, Bristol, present an evening of conversations and readings to launch Laura's artist-book 'Honest'.

Event: Wednesday 9 September, 7pm

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Spectrum: A Survey of Artist's Moving Image - 'SCRIPT'

Initiated from a want to research and provide a platform for artists currently working with moving image.

Event: Tuesday 8 September, 7-8.30pm

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The first part of Tintype's experimental three-month show in three frames, interlinking the work of Adam Gilllam (Frame 1), Oona Grimes (Frame 2), and Jo Addison (Frame 3).

Preview: Tuesday 8 September, 6.30-8.30pm

9 September - 3 October 2015
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Twenty artists working in the UK and Belgium have been invited to react on schemes developed by A.Maslow and D.Alighieri to ask questions on our contemporary human condition, our needs as humans and our survival.

Preview: Monday 7 September 6-9pm

7-8 September 2015
Tuesday, 12-3pm

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36/50 Eva Grubinger

Solo exhibition by Eva Grubinger.

Preview: Monday 7 September, 6-8pm
(access from Carlton House Terrace only)

7 - 13 September 2015
Monday: 6-8pm
Tuesday to Sunday: 11am-6pm
Thursday: 11am-9pm

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Summer break!

The Art Licks listing is taking its 'summer holiday' and will be back in September.

3 August - early September 2015

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Super Woofer

X Marks the Bokship and Matt's Gallery One-Day sound fair and summer party.

Event: Saturday 1 August, 1-11pm

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Nothing More Than Image

From Sarah Bayliss, an encounter between screen, media and live/pre-recorded feeds, which mainline the viewer in to the image-video-device that refers to itself to itself to itself, in pursuit of breaking point.

Event: Saturday 1 August, 4pm

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The debut show at this non-profit gallery space, based in a Camberwell flat, features in-progress works by Alexandra Drawbridge, Russell Miller and Xavi Sole-Mora.

Preview: Friday 31 August, 6-9pm

1 - 2 August 2015
Daily, 12-6pm

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Machines for Hardrock

Group exhibition that explores objects as political tools of power through their social, economic and ecological dispersion.

Preview: Friday 31 July, 6-9pm

1 - 30 August 2015
Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm

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Thomas Yeomans: Artist Talk

Thomas Yeomans discusses his practice of sourcing sound, video, text and other imagery online and diverting it to a new context.

Event: Friday 31 July, 6-8.30pm
(talk starts at 7pm)

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Copeland Book Market: Something to Put Something On

An independent artists' book market and events platform.

Preview: Friday 31 July, 6-9pm

1 - 2 August 2015
Saturday and Sunday, 1-7pm

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Property Guardian

Celebrate the launch of a publication for Alex Frost's exhibition, as well as Frost's time with FTHo, with an evening of summer drinks and BBQ in the FTHo garden and a specially commissioned performance by Giles Bailey.

Event: Friday 31 July, 6-9pm

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Crossing Lines

Guan Wei and Wayne Warren's exhibition expresses concern with human behaviour, focusing on areas of disruption where violence, greed and corruption prevail over harmony and tolerance within societies.

Preview: Thursday 30 July, 6-8pm

30 July - 2 August 2015
Thursday to Sunday, 1-6pm

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Shoulders of Giants

A project that appropriates and extends the model of a symposium through animation, performance and projection; initiated by Shen Xin, with Esther Leslie, Hannah Black, Mark Fisher and Simon O'Sullivan.

Event: Wednesday 29 July, 4-6pm

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30/50 Anna Barham

Concentrating on text as the main material of her production, Anna Barham furthers her ongoing investigation into the dichotomy of meaning and its translation as various codes - alphabet, sound, and image.

Preview: Monday 27 July, 6-8pm
(access from Carlton House Terrace only)

27 July - 2 August 2015
Tuesday to Sunday, 11am-6pm
Thursday, 11am-9pm

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Marlene Haring

Solo Show. A bar for one guest at a time.

18 July - 9 August 2015
Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm

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m-Health explores notions of social health and well-being and how these relate to our immediate environment, be it built or natural.

Preview: Saturday 25 July, from 12pm

30 July - 2 August 2015

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