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Rhubarb & Custard

A group show conceived and lead by Pat Lunch and Fredrix Vermin.

Preview: Friday 23 February, 6-9pm

24 - 25 February 2018
Saturday and Sunday, 11am-5pm

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Pipe & Sons

A new live performance by Amelia Barratt, with Amelia, Mark Barratt and Rachael Boyd, using Milly Peck's currently Assembly Point exhibition 'Pressure Head' as its stage.

Event: Friday 23 February, 7.30pm

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Hold your horses

This exhibition is the first of two collaborations with the Royal College of Art that continues a long standing partnership between CGP London and the RCA Print Department.

Preview: Friday 23 February, 6-8pm

24 - 25 February 2018
Saturday and Sunday, 11am-4pm

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The Machine Stops

Exhibition by artists Adam Hogarth, Clare Mitten, Gabriela Schutz and Martin Ward that takes as its starting point E.M.Forster's 1909 science fiction story, 'The Machine Stops'.

Preview: Friday 23 February, 6-9pm

24 February - 24 March 2018
Thursday to Saturday, 2-6pm

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Adam Glibbery and Joshua Leon present a new installation combining poetics with urban aesthetics.

Event: Friday 23 February, 7pm

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Encountering Difference

Symposium that brings together a series of presentations and 'unfinished' in-conversations, between artists discussing current and alternative ways of picturing difference in contemporary lens-based practices and beyond.

Event: Friday 23 February, 9.45am-6pm

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Post-Soviet Visions: image and identity in the new Eastern Europe

A group show of photography from the New East.

Preview: Thursday 22 February, 6-9pm

23 February - 15 April 2018
Wednesday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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In The Future

A group show curated by Rosalind Davis that celebrates 25 years of the gallery.

Preview: Thursday 22 February, 6-8pm

23 February - 14 June 2018

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Liar Hydrant

A solo exhibition by Hardeep Pandhal.

Preview: Thursday 22 February, 6.30-8.30pm

23 February - 8 April 2018
Wednesday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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Exhibition with workshops, encouraging development, collaboration and work in progress; grown out of the desire to celebrate process and enable development in an informal environment.

Preview: Thursday 22 February, 6.30-8.30pm

23 - 25 February 2018
Friday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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A new film and sculptural installation for PEER, by artist collective Fourthland and artist and filmmaker Rosalind Fowler.

Preview: Thursday 22 February, 6-8pm

23 February - 14 April 2018

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Details form the difference

Building on a physical framework, for this new body of work James Lomax has constructed an installation of wall based work and sculpture.

Preview: Tuesday 20 February, 6.30-8.30pm

21 February - 27 March 2018
by appointment

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Deformation Attends Her

For her first solo exhibition, Verity Birt draws upon archaeological digs, feminine mythology and ritual practices to create a speculative interpretation of prehistoric sites.

Preview: Saturday 17 February, 6-9pm

17 February - 31 March 2018
Thursday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Another Kind of Tension

A two-person show featuring the works of Paul Housley and Magdalena Drwiega. At first glance this pairing seems a fairly disparate one but closer inspection reveals a number of shared interests and aims.

Preview: Thursday 15 February

16 February - 23 March 2018
Monday to Friday, 10.30am-5pm

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Brief Encounters with Painted Objects

Collaborative installation and discussion by Darren Nixon. Video works, presented within Nixon's installation of painted objects, document the inventiveness of participant's responses to the work.

Event: Wednesday 14 February, 6.30-8pm

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IRRUPTIVE CHORA Part I Composition

An exercise in an embodied act of reading and an attempt of conjuring new versions and propositions for artistic, theoretical, curatorial, scholarly and scientific practices.

Event: Tuesday 13 February, 6-8.30pm

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Paste Table Gallery

Paste Table Gallery is a peripatetic Micro Gallery of collage.

Preview: Tuesday 13 February, 6.30-8.30pm

12 - 24 February 2018
Monday to Saturday, 10am-6pm

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Doing it in the park, doing it after dark

Debut solo show by 2016 City and Guild Schools graduate and current New Contemporaries exhibitor Amanda Moström.

9 February - 17 March 2018
Friday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Shame on You

A day-long symposium that draws together performance artists, psychoanalysis academics and novelists to discuss shame, sexuality and identity; theorising shame, pride and community in contemporary culture.

Event: Friday 9 February, 10am-7pm

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Listening to Xanax

New works by James Irwin using an amalgamation of robotics, custom software, sound, sculpture, video and print to explore habitual behaviours that can lead us to states of continual anxiety or unconditional calm.

Preview: Friday 9 February, 6-9pm

10 February - 4 March 2018
Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm

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