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Jerwood Open Forest: Artists in Conversation

Jerwood Open Forest artists Juan delGado, Amanda Loomes, Chris Watson and Iain Pate in conversation with Joy Sleeman, Senior Lecturer, History and Theory of Art.

Event: Monday 3 February, 6.30pm

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Mothra vs Godzilla

The title of Alex Pearl's solo, multi-media installation refers to a spate of monster movies from the 50s and 60s, and speaks of a futile conflict between ridiculous forces.

Preview: Saturday 1 February, 4-6pm

30 January - 8 March 2014
Wednesday to Saturday, 1-6pm

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Loss of the object and bondage to it

"The object is simultaneously held in the hand and inside the head, and the imagined and projected physical image is modeled by our bodies. We are inside and outside the object at the same time." Juhani Pallasmaa

Preview: Friday 31 January, 6-9.30pm

1 February to 22 February 2014
Thursday to Saturday, 12.30-5.30pm

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The Meditative Relaxation Cycle

Project by Eloise Bonneviot and the first exhibition at Arcadia Missa for 2014.

Preview: Friday 31 January, 6-8pm

1 February - 15 February 2014
Thursday to Saturday, 12-5pm

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Ronan McCrea's exhibition continues an exploration of what the artist ironically calls his 'The History of Photography' project.

Preview: Friday 31 January, 6-9pm

1 February - 22 February 2014
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Ignominious Wank

A collaborative work with Amy Todman, Susan Wood, Kathy Oldridge, Melanie Rose, Charlotte Knox-Williams and Edward Dorrian. Proposed and presented by Edward Dorrian.‬

Preview: Friday 31 January, 6-9pm

31 January - 2 February 2014
Friday to Sunday, 1-6pm

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Squaring the Circle

A weekend programme of performance and music, which takes sampling and appropriation as its starting points.

Friday 31 January, 7-11pm
Saturday 1 February, 6-10.30pm

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Basement Scene

One night event exhibiting a collaborative project by David Bance, Nicholas Cheveldave and Alan Stanners.

Event: Friday 31 January 7-9pm

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Geographies of Contamination

Recent works by nine contemporary artists, tracing a growing interest in the pollution and breakdown of systems and processes.

Preview: Thursday 30 January, 7-9pm

31 January - 29 March 2014
Thursday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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The London debut exhibition by Haifa-based artist duo WYSE + GABRIELY, in partnership with Neu Gallery, PINK CUBE gallery, and The Embassy of Israel.

Preview: Thursday 30 January 6.30-9.30pm

31 January to 13 February 2014
Daily, 12-7pm

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Human Factors

The contradictory aesthetic philosophies of human health reside at the core of Ilona Sagar's solo show.

Preview: Thursday 30 January, 7-9pm

31 January - 22 February 2014
Wednesday to Saturday, 2-6pm

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Discussion Event

DIG present a talk by the architecture group Assemble, the creative minds behind acclaimed projects Folly For a Flyover and The Cineroleum.

Event: Tuesday 28 January, 6.30-9pm

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Almost Bliss: Notes on Derek Jarman's Blue

A contemplation on the filmmaker, artist, writer, and activist Derek Jarman.

Preview: Tuesday 28 January, 6-8.30pm

29 January - 15 March 2014
Tuesday to Friday, 11am-5pm
Saturday, 10am-4pm

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One Minute

Furtherfield Gallery hosts One Minute Volume 7, a new series of shorts curated by filmmaker Kerry Baldry.

Preview: Saturday 25 January, 12-4pm

25 January - 2 February 2014
Saturday to Sunday, 12-4pm

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Off Road

This exhibition brings all the elements of Uta Kogelsberger's practice together into a single comprehensive installation of video, photography and sculpture.

17 January - 23 February 2013
Friday to Sunday, 2-6pm

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A series of collaborative exhibitions by Transition Gallery, London and Galerie d'YS, Brussels.

Preview: Friday 24 January, 6-9pm

25 January - 16 February 2014
Friday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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As is the Sea

Book launch of an anthology by MA students from the Critical Writing in Art & Design programme at the Royal College of Art - with short films, readings and sea shanties.

Event: Friday 24 January, 7pm

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Late Barbarians

Group show that explores how shifting social codes and cultural values are embodied in canonical Western European art and architecture.

Preview: Thursday 23 January, 6.30-8.30pm

24 January - 9 March 2014
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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The music video TECHNOPOLIS (1979) by pioneering Japanese techno band Yellow Magic Orchestra, becomes a catalyst for an exhibition of new and recent works by London based artists in 2014.

One night only: Thursday 23 January, 6-9pm

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Site Related

The first solo exhibition in London by Oslo based artist Anders Sletvold Moe.

Preview: Thursday 23 January, 6-9pm

24 January - 1 March 2014
Thursdays to Saturdays, 1-6pm

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