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And the Earth Screamed, Alive

A solo exhibition by Emma Charles, featuring a multi screen expanded installation of her 16mm film 'White Mountain'.

Preview: Thursday 20 October, 6-9pm

21 October - 12 November 2016
Thursday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Is the View Better From Here?

New paintings and drawings from Michael Johnson.

Preview: Thursday 20 October, 6-9pm

22 October - 6 November 2016
Saturdays and Sundays, 12-6pm

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NOW IT IS PERMITTED: 24 wayside pulpits

Inspired by a collection of 24 New Church 'wayside pulpits' from the 1950s held in the archive at Swedenborg House, the exhibition features 57 newly commissioned visionary statements from invited artists, writers, musicians, playwrights and filmmakers.

Preview: Thursday 20 October, 6-9pm

19 - 22 October 2016
Daily, 10.30am-5pm

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in heaven people play peacefully sometimes people helping each other love making and working together peacefully

A collaborative performance between Jeremy Hutchison and a group of Task Rabbit micro-labourers.

Event: Thursday 20 October, 6-8pm

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I Zii

Event celebrating the publication of 'I Zii', a new photo book by Linda Brownlee.

Event: Wednesday 19 October, 6.30-8.30pm

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Annebarbe Kau & Vincent Hawkins

With its last show for 2016, RAUMX presents two artists who are working with multi media creating drawings and paintings.

Preview: Wednesday 19 October, 6pm

20 - 29 October 2016
Saturday, 2-6pm

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Samantha Donnelly explores the fluidity of representations, specifically the shifting relationships between the physical object and the photographic subject.

Preview: Friday 14 October, 6-9pm

15 October - 11 November 2016
Friday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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Telling Tales

An exhibition rooted in fiction, in which worlds, truths and realities are created, dismantled and questioned.

Preview: Thursday 13 October, 6-8pm

14 October 2016 - 15 February 2017
Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

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Professional Practice Seminar: Artists' Moving Image Archiving

LUX host a seminar for artists and curators looking at the implications of artists' film and video in the archive.

Event: Thursday 13 October, 3-5pm

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An exhibition of works by artists Jason File, JonesSmithJohnson, Jonas Lund and Carey Young exploring contract law and its far-reaching implications within our lives.

7 October - 12 November 2016
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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An installation by Nick Cash and Matt Hale of books and video on rescued University library shelving in a corner of an art reference library.

Preview: Tuesday 11 October, 6.30-8.30pm

4 - 22 October 2016
Monday to Friday, 10am-8pm
Saturday, 10am-5pm

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Each fighting its own little battle in happy ignorance

A group exhibition based on Graham Greene's novel 'It's a Battlefield'. With Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Lenka Clayton, Harun Farocki, and Thomas McCaughan.

Preview: Tuesday 11 October, 6.30-8.30pm

12 October - 11 December 2016
Wednesday to Sunday, 11am-5pm

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An exhibition of site-specific work resulting from a residency at Arthouse 1 by six artists who all transform shape, space, environment and experience through their multi-disciplinary approaches.

Preview: Tuesday 11 October, 6-8.30pm

12 - 22 October 2016
Thursday to Sunday, 3-7pm

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No Place Like Home

Edge of Frame presents an evening of films by Baltimore-based artist and animator Karen Yasinsky, followed by a Q&A.

Event: Sunday 9 October, 8pm

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Book Launch: Wholeness Engine

Launch event of 'Wholeness Engine', an artist's book on the occasion of the exhibition by the same name, with a live reading by Lisa Radon.

Event: Saturday 8 October, 7.30-9pm

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9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering Revisited, 1966/2016

Exactly fifty years after the legendary '9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering', Arts Catalyst revisits this hugely influential art event with a new performance commission by Robert Whitman.

Event: Friday 7 October, 7pm

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Provisional Conditions

Material Conjectures & Emily Motto are early career artists working from different philosophical perspectives and linked here through the shared modernist working practice of subverting everyday materials to a new purpose, creating fresh sculptural entities.

Preview: Friday 7 October, 7-9pm

5 October - 27 November 2016
Wednesday to Saturday, 11am-5pm

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Each October, Kingsgate PS will invite an artist group or an artist-led organisation from outside of London to take over its exhibition and event programme. REGRESSION by BLISS is the first such project.

Preview: Friday 7 October, 4-6pm

8 - 29 October 2016
Thursday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Joe Evans: Anthropomofoscene

An improvisational realm where found paper ephemera, fetishised mechanics and crude assemblages of consumer electronics gather and interact under the watchful eye of a so called artist.

Preview: Friday 7 October, 6-9pm

8 - 16 October 2016
Saturday, 11am-5pm

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A tragic-comic canal procession of art performances and music from Regents Park to a remarkable crypt underneath Saint Mary Magdalene Church, Little Venice.

Event: Friday 7 October, 4-8pm

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