Art Licks 2014 Winter

Event of the Week

Winter Holidays!

The Art Licks' listing is on a winter break but will be back in early January. We wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year!

Monday 15 December 2014 - January 2015

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Art Licks, Issue 15, Cover image: Jeremy Hutchison, 2014. Copryight: Art Licks and the artist



We are delighted to release Issue 15 of the Art Licks magazine for Autumn.

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Art Licks Weekend 2013, Peckham tour. Photo: Mariona Otero



No mainstream stuff, these tours will take you to the places Art Licks is all about. Visit some of the best initiatives happening in London and meet the people behind them.

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Kate Lyddon, Straw Man 2014


Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2015

Open to all UK-based sculptors, an award of 8,000 to assist in the production of a new body of work, culminating in a solo show at Standpoint Gallery.

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