Municipal Pier, Hermosa Beach, California, Boston Public Library

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Summer break

The Art Licks listing is taking its 'summer holiday' and will be back at the start of September.

5 August - 9 September 2019

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Art Licks issue 23, cover



Art Licks #23 offers a space for those working in cities and towns across England to project their thoughts on the theme of 'Peripheries' from their individual vantage point. Editor Holly Willats, and guest co-editor George Vasey, invited a selection of artists, curators and writers to present their views and work.

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Acts of the Plough, Art Licks Weekend 2018, Burgess Business Park, Holly Drewett, Fran Gordon, Ben McDonnell, Nemo Nonnenmacher, Joshua Phillips


Art Licks Weekend 2019: Interdependence

For its seventh year, the Art Licks Weekend takes on the theme of Interdependence: considering how participating projects work within a network of friendship, exchange and shared dialogue.

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Call out for festival radio proposals!


Call for proposals: Art Licks Weekend Radio

In partnership with TACO! and RTM, Art Licks is launching a radio station for the Art Licks Weekend festival. This call-out is an opportunity to propose your own programme content that responds to the festival's theme of Interdependence.

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