Art Licks summer holiday

Event of the Week

Summer break!

The Art Licks listing is taking its 'summer holiday' and will be back in September.

3 August - early September 2015

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Art Licks, Issue 16, Cover image: The Grubby Mitts, with Artist Commission by Sam Austen, 2015. Copryight: Art Licks and the artists



We are delighted to release Issue 16 of the Art Licks magazine for Spring 2015.

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Art Licks Weekend 2014 Tour, Photo: Mariona Otero, copyright: Art Licks



Visit a selcetion of the best artist-ed and independent initiatives in London and meet the artists and curators behind them.

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1923 aka Heaven, Copyright: Max Hattler, Winner of the Animate OPEN Audience Prize in 2011


Animate OPEN: Parts & Labour

Animate Projects invites submissions from UK and international artists/animators to submit experimental single channel animation work to Parts & Labour.

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