Audre Lorde, Learning from the 1960s, from Your Silence Will Not Protect You, p.127, Silver Press, 2017

Event of the Week

Black Lives Matter

Art Licks is committed to the Black Lives Matter movement and stands with the ongoing fight to end state-sanctioned violence, police brutality, and institutional & casual racism. We continue to listen and learn, and strive to better demonstrate this mission in our programming and actions, and stay vigilant long-term for all opportunities for change.


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Art Licks Issue 25 Cover, artwork: Parlato/Petrocchi; design: Margherita Huntley



This new issue of Art Licks investigates and interrogates the use of Black & White as a lens, a filter, and an eye in contemporary visual culture.

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Andrea Francke, The Grand Domestic Revolution Pad Puzzle: A DIY Manual, Art Licks Issue 7 (Spring 2012)


From the Archive: Andrea Francke

We revisit Art Licks Issue 7 (Spring 2012) to interview Andrea Francke about her contribution, 'The Grand Domestic Revolution Pad Puzzle: A DIY Manual'; reflecting on developing a practice, what radicality can be, and where energies are best placed.

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Open Call for UK Associates


Open Call for UK Associates

Delfina Foundation in partnership with Gaia Art Foundation presents an open call for UK-based artists, curators and thinkers to participate in their science_technology_society thematic programme in autumn 2020.

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