In Oscillation

An online submission from SITE of text and sound works forming a collective library to revisit and build during this time of overstimulation from screens, virus anxiety and general uncertainty.

As an exploration into economies of care, collective strategies and to lightly lift spirits in uncertain times SITE have launched an open submission of sound and text works that will be circulated daily via

in.oscillation will develop over time into an online library of rhythms of resistance, expansion, meditation and solidarity.

There is no required length, form, or topic but SITE encourage submissions that alleviate overstimulation & anxiety. Contributions could includevoice notes, recipes, poems, words, short stories, questions, breathing exercises, ambient sound, rhythmic sound etc.

Contribute by submitting work of your own or a link to existing sound or text through this google form.

This submission is open to everyone and not specific to those from a particular art background.